Shihan David Anderson


Shihan Anderson grew up in a tough New York City neighborhood and
learned the necessity of self-defense at an early age. He gained
practical street experience and then trained in boxing for many years.
In his twenties, Shihan Anderson found Master Ronald Taganashi, one of
the more well known Martial Artists in the country. (Master Taganashi
represents the philosophy and practice of Goju-Ryu in the documentary
film, " The Warrior Within", narrated by Chuck Norris.) Shihan
Anderson rose to black belt quickly under Master Taganashi becoming
one of his more accomplished students. He studied daily and became one
of the better Martial Artists of today. Known to his students as the
"Bear", he combines the fierceness of a real bear with the softness of
a teddy bear. Quite apt for a Sensei who teaches the Martial Arts form
known as 'GO-JU' - which literally means 'Hard-Soft'. Shihan David
Anderson is an Eighth degree blackbelt and founder of this unique
blend of traditional Goju - ryu karate and street self - defense.

Karate (pronounced Kara-teh) literally means "empty hand." It is the
Japanese art of weaponless self defense. It is an efficient and
elegant system of hand to hand combat that wastes no energy or motion.
This, in itself, is reason to learn. But, there is so much more...

Besides the aerobic and strength training benefits karate provides,
it also strengthens the mind and the character. It is meditation
through action. Anyone can lock themselves in a dark, quiet room and
quiet their mind (at least they should). But, to remain in a state of
focus and calm in an environment of rapidly changing motion - that is
karate. To show courtesy and respect to all, without compromising
one's own worth - that too is karate. Shihan Anderson embodies this
philosophy and way of life.